Everything you need to know about getting hair transplant at DNA Hair Clinic
Concierge Services

DNA Hair Clinic offers free concierge services to all patients. Concierge services can advise you on lodging alternatives and organize your free transportation using our own brand new clinic cars registered for patient transport. DNA Hair Clinic also offers fee-based travel arrangements for patients and their families through their trip.

Plan for your trip

DNA Hair Clinic is a regional leader in hair restoration procedures and hair care for everyone who needs the care. Patients traveling internationally are provided timely surgery and specialty care in a place designed to feel a little more like home. Here, patients have access to all medical and surgical sub-specialties within a single institution where DNA Hair Clinic located, empowering the medical team to address all the patient’s health needs and treat the whole person. Here, patients are cared for with a breadth of expertise and technology that reflects why DNA Hair Clinic is one of the trusted leader in hair restoration worldwide.

Language Services

At DNA Hair Clinic, interpreters are available at no cost to assist communication between our health care providers and patients whose primary language is not Turkish or English.

Experienced medical interpreters can attend appointments, translate patient education materials, and offer other assistance as needed. Patients should indicate if they need an interpreter when requesting an appointment at DNA Hair Clinic as all those services provided for free.

At DNA Hair Clinic in Istanbul Turkiye Hospital, interpreters are available in person for many languages, and through telephone services for all others.

In addition, multilingual appointment, registration and finance personnel assist patients and families before, during and after their visit to DNA Hair Clinic with no cost.